Sub-Assemblies For NSK Ti-Max X700L- SAX700

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 Sub-Assemblies For NSK Ti-Max X700L

Model: SAX700

Suitable for NSK Ti-Max X700, X700L

Note: The impeller of this rotor was modified. Please use the W&H type bearing for the lower and the NSK type bearing for the upper !!!

Precise size, Excellent Balance!

                              It Works as well as the original Rotor.

 About Spindles

We offer different type of spindles for the rotor.

NSK Clamp Pad Type Spindles:

Build with a strong spring and chuck inside the spindle, the chuck hold the bur (bur diameter 1.595mm) with 2.25-2.75KG grip power. The chuck will hold the bur tighter where there is pressure on the bur, the more pressure, the tighter it hold.

Advantage: Lub Free! I will always keep working even there is no lubrication on the spindle.

Disavantage: It didn't hold the bur as hard as the kavo model in the beginning. We need to explain to the dentists if they are not familiar with this kind of spindle before.

Kavo Wedge Type Spindles:

Build with strong chuck, holding the bur with more than 4.5KG all the time.

Advantage: Hold the bur tighter all the time.

Disadvantage: The chuck may have problem if the client didn't lubricate the chuck







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